'Pee After Sex' Funny Jokes & Memes Give Serious Sex Education to Prevent Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)
How many times have ladies, especially the sexually active ones been told to empty their bladder after having sex? It is one of the best sex tips. Urinating after coitus decreases the chances of contracting urinary tract infections (UTIs). However



Most of us have gone through a lot in life; challenges are typical and its part of life. Most of us experienced here struggles, even the wealthiest man still do. There are times we feel like giving up, but we should always be positive in facing life, the more you are weak, much more the heavy you feel inside. Most of us try to blame it to God, telling how cruel he is, and why he keeps allowing such things to happen in our life. Perhaps, we pinpoint it to other people; we show them that the fault is on them, and not us. We are afraid to own the mistake we made in life because we can’t accept that we did it.


There are times we fear for tomorrow, but we still hope for the best in it. In your difficult times, we should always find someone to hold on, to help us carry our lives. We all need someone not to leave us during our worsts time in our life; perhaps it could be family, the best friend or a lover. Someone we could trust and share our problems. Life is tough, and everything goes wrong when we don’t believe in ourselves when we keep on thinking negatively and the worsts is we can hurt ourselves from it. Life is beautiful if we learn to look at it at the other side, when we appreciate more and forget our problems for a while. There are times that we became ungrateful for the things that we don’t have, and envy other people success. Perhaps, they deserve it, and we don’t. Success comes on people who keep working to it, not always talking to other people progress. If you keep belittling yourself and drag it down, you have no future and direction in life. You have to do your best and think that you can do it no matter what happened.  Remember that we are human, and not a tree to say that we can’t our life, chances are every day and we have to grab it or lose.


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