We know that some people aren’t lucky enough to find their one great love. For me, it’s better to save yourself and stay single than being in a wrong relationship. The problem nowadays is that people will pressure you to look for a partner not to be left behind. It feels like that when you are single, people will laugh at you, and fool you many times.


There are lots of reasons why people remain single, either they are tired of hurt, focus on career or no plans for a serious commitment. Well, I guess in my situation I belong into tired of repeatedly hurt. I am not saying I am perfect because I also had a shortage regarding the relationship, but when I am committed, its only for one person I love. I respect the relationship I have, don’t want to ruin it just because I find something better nor bored. Cheating is a choice, and no matter how many reasons you give me about it, you won’t force me to believe in you. You can always avoid it if you are faithful to your love. You should set limitations for yourself to respect your relationship.


I only got two girlfriends in my life. I am twenty-five years old, and just recently I realized that it’s better to enjoy myself and got a lot of things to explore. I was supposed to propose in my last girlfriend, she and I have been together for five years already. I was ready to settle down, and build a family with her. But unfortunately, it was stopped by unforeseen happening. Janice is pregnant for a month already without me knowing, it was right told to me on the day of the proposal. The event is full of tears and resentment. I am devastated about how did it happen; it was John, our mutual friend who impregnated her. It’s painful because I felt like I have wasted my time and life for something I didn’t expect.


I got a hard time moving on. I can’t see myself living alone and doing things we do together before. Evey places I go, I can think of her and the memories we shared, the food we usually eat, and it sucks because it gave me a hard time to move forward until I decided to fly to Paddington. Paddington is a place in London where I find peace and happiness. And with the help of Paddington Escorts little by little I have moved forward in life and continue to live. Paddington Escorts assist me in beginning my new life in Paddington. It was a long journey, but finally, I find myself. If you are single and unhappy, Paddington Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/paddington-escorts are always available for you…