A broken marriage is getting more common as the days go by. In the past, a divorce is unheard of, but now it’s accepted by the society because it’s widespread. Why do men decide to break up with their wife even if they have been in a relationship for so many years? The first reason is being unfaithful. A cheating wife can always destroy a marriage. The moment that a husband finds out that her wife is cheating on her it’s over.

It’s hard to trust a woman who cheats on you because the experience of that is very hurtful. Women cheat because they feel unhappy or unsatisfied of their marriage. Some do it just for fun. But whatever their reason is it’s still not enough to justify cheating. You have to be a real strong man to be able to forgive your wife if she cheats on you. Some don’t even think about it and swiftly ask to get a divorce. It’s miserable and no man should go through all that pain even if he did commit a lot of mistakes. Another mistake that woman do that cost them their marriage is when they turn alcoholic. You won’t believe the number of women who have been addicted to alcohol when they got married.

They do that because having a family has a lot of pressures and problems that go through with it. It might become of money or unhappiness that women are forced to drink to forget about their sorrows. But unfortunately, men don’t want their wife to be an alcoholic. It’s not a good example for the children, and frankly, it’s better to be a single father than having an alcoholic wife. Alcohol destroys the family if you let it. It might seem fun the first time you drink but if you do it consistently it will slowly poison you and your marriage. Women that are strong enough to do neither of those things commonly have a successful marriage.

They have a happy family and a good husband. A man will treat you right if you deserve it. If they don’t work because of the negative aspects that you have, then you can’t blame them. A good husband will always want a great wife. He will not accept any less, and that’s just the reality. But it’s not that hard to be a good wife you just don’t have to complicate things. But if you fear getting married, someday you can always book London escorts. London escorts agency will still make you happy. That’s why many people always spend time with London escorts.…