Even around the country even though most states have approved are in the process of proving same-sex marriages. Many people consider this a fetish and a deviant lifestyle. However, fetishes have been around as long as there have been human beings on the air. Becoming sexually aroused by a member of the opposite sex is considered against most religions today as seen by the fact that even the Muslim religion requires women to wear special clothing that conceals all but their eyes. This is done in attempt to minimize the effect of eroticism and fetishes. But, these types of activities are documented and accepted as normal in many societies around the world.

In ancient Greece, the Spartans considered same-sex partners to make the best warriors, because they had an instinctive bond that allow them to fight as one and protect each other during combat.

Today there are even online magazines such as Bent Fetish and London Escorts that chronicles the alternative life style in the gay community.

Many companies today accept same-sex partners working for their firms so the question is not whether or not alternate lifestyles are fetishes or not, but how society at large views them.

Traditional Christian and Catholic Bibles do not show prohibition of an alternative lifestyle, as the Bible in one form or another often quoted by people in Scripture and verse to prove their point. However, biblical scholars are now saying the common interpretation of these parts of the Bible are not exact translations and being interpreted incorrectly by the clergy and lay people.

If you look at Roman society and compared to the Jewish and Muslim societies that rose up together side-by-side you can find evidence of the alternative lifestyle in each of the cultures. It is only through the current thoughts of the last few hundred years where this dichotomy between homosexuality and heterosexuality as a result.

If you actually read the Bible verse by verse and take, it in context in reality there is no actual mention of the word homosexual. And looking at the 10 Commandments, which are the basis of most society’s laws, and Mores there is no mention or prohibition against same-sex unions. This whole issue is a case of religious organizations attempting to use biblical references to impose their own standards of morality on the populace at large. But if you examine the history of various religious groups, you will find that they have all had homosexual or alternative lifestyle practitioners throughout the last 2000 years.

There even have been instances when his attempt an attempt to show that homosexuality is a disease or mental disorder. However, under closer examination this has never been proven to any extent.

At best, it has been shown that certain a segment of the population is drawn to members of the same sex and enjoys their company more than that of members of the opposite sex. It is refreshing to see that the world is taking a more realistic view and the laws are now reflecting that as Congress has finally recognized that the same laws are applicable to marriage in general regardless of whether it’s heterosexual or homosexual marriage.…