Why do human beings love sex?

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Do you enjoy sex but can’t put your finger on why you like sex? In that case, you have a lot in common with others. The vast majority of those that I have met at London escorts are not really sure what is so special about sex. They say that sex makes them feel good but surely there has to be more to sec than making you feel good. I think that we like sex because of all sort of reasons. For instance, it may even help us to relax us and chill out. That is another reason why a lot of men like to date London escorts.

Sex gives us rewards. It makes us feel better about ourselves in many ways. One gentleman that I used to date at London escorts always used to say that sex made him feel more confident. I have always been rather a confident person and it could be related to good sex. Sex does sometimes make me stand up that little bit taller, and I think that it has something to do with the fact that I am more relaxed when I have had sex. You relax and start to feel that nothing can really bother you. That in itself makes you more confident and I guess that is why I feel confident about my work at London escorts.

Do we like sex because it is exciting? Some people just like sex because it is a little bit naughty and makes us feel like we are being naughty like young kids. Many of the gentlemen I date at London escorts like to hook up with cheap escorts so that they can have adult fun. At least that is what they call it. If sex is fun, I guess that is another reason why so many men like to hang out with London escorts for a little bit of special fun.

One of the girls that I work with at cheap escorts says that we love sex because we are programmed to do so. I guess that is very true. If it was not for sex, none of us would exist. If sex was not made pleasurable, I guess that none of us would have sex and there would not be any people on this planet. When you stop and think about, there are some very good reasons why we are programmed to enjoy sex, and the reason to make more human beings is just one of them.

I do find it hard to say why I like sex so much. I have had a couple of boyfriends that have thought I am a little bit potty because I am so much into sex. However, for me it is something very natural and I could not imagine myself living without sex and lots of it. We all have different sexual needs, and when you look at it, we also have many different reasons for liking sex. Sex is probably linked to something very fundamental in our human nature and can be difficult to put your finger on it.

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